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Whaddya Know – We’re in Love!

Songs by Jerry Rulf
Book by Brian Mitchell

All aboard! Full steam ahead on SS Freedonia
for the craziest show at Brighton Fringe. Four musicians with a secret, a girl in a green velvet
dress, stowaways, a Mediterranean monarch,
and glorious unforgettable swing era style songs make this mad-cap tribute to the Marx Brothers,
Bob Hope and Bing Crosby and the ‘Let’s-Do-The-Show-Right-Here!’ school of musical theatre a

The Foundry Group is proud to present this world premiere at Rialto Theatre in May’s Brighton Fringe, starring Radio 4 regular David Mounfield, comedian and musician Glen Richardson (Radio 2′s ‘The Day the Music Died’), Amy Sutton (‘The Ministry of Biscuits’) and Jerry Rulf (‘The Spudguns’).

Age suitability: 7+

Rialto Theatre – 8, 9, 14, 23 & 24 May – 6.40pm

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More details to be announced.

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