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Beeching – The Greatest Train Robber

A major new comedy by acclaimed writing duo Brian Mitchell & Joseph Nixon available from autumn 2019.

“Second-class ticket to Littleton Badsey please.”

“Sorry sir, that line is closed.”

Fifty-five years ago the Beeching Report was published, and the government, following its recommendations, began the widespread culling of the branch lines that linked villages with market towns, as well as hundreds of miles of mainline track. The railway was dead, superseded by the clean, efficient and modern motor car, and the rapidly-expanding, streamlined and futuristic motorways.

This was ostensibly all for the good; to save money, to make Great Britain’s railway network profitable, but it caused howls of protest at the time, and for many communities it is a wound that continues to fester.

Also, from a modern perspective, with mounting congestion on our roads and the pressure to rebuild closed lines, it seems to have been precisely the wrong thing to do.

So how did it happen? How did Dr. Richard Beeching, a physicist who was chairman of ICI, come to be recruited by Minister of Transport Ernest Marples, and did Marples’ directorship of a large civil engineering firm have anything to do with his decision?

Brian Mitchell and Joseph Nixon, writers of the hit shows ‘Those Magnificent Men’, ‘Big Daddy vs. Giant Haystacks’, and ‘Gilbert (No Sullivan)’, bring you another two-man epic comedy with a cast of dozens – a tale of chicanery, short-sightedness, malfeasance and greed. Starring David Mounfield (‘Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show’ Radio 4) and Mitchell himself (‘The Ministry of Biscuits’), ‘Beeching – The Greatest Train Robber’ promises an evening of hilarious entertainment, guaranteed to make your blood boil with righteous ire and your body convulse with laughter, that is ideally suited to rural touring.

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