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Lord God

Available from summer 2021

From best-selling author Philip Reeve (‘Mortal Engines’) and playwright and composer Brian Mitchell (‘Those Magnificent Men’) – writers of The Ministry of Biscuits and Pugs of the Frozen North stage show.

Premieres at Brighton Open Air Theatre 10th June 2021. Tickets here.

When the Lord God is persuaded by His retainer and chief-cook-and-bottle-washer Gabriel to take an incognito holiday in a Devonshire seaside hotel (largely to get Him out from under His angels’ feet), He looks forward to a fortnight of uninterrupted tennis, billiards, tea on the terrace and the latest Agatha Christie. But the presence of campaigning atheist Professor ‘Minty’ Tweddle and her fiance, notoriously hard-to-please theatre critic Rex Addison, upsets His plans and leads to all manner of supernatural scrapes, japes and narrow escapes and the invention of a hot new global dance craze.

Can our hero persuade Minty He really exists?

Can He solve the Problem of Evil before breakfast?

What exactly is Rex Addison up to?

Will Gabriel step in once more to save the Almighty’s bacon?

Find out the answers to these questions and all the mysteries of Creation in the new musical comedy Lord God, from best-selling author Philip Reeve and award-winning playwright and composer Brian Mitchell, whose previous collaborations include the recent sell-out stage adaptation of Pugs of the Frozen North and the acclaimed musical comedy The Ministry of Biscuits. Building on their reputation for thought-provoking comedy, Lord God takes a timely look at morality, faith, and why sometimes it is best not to take things too seriously.

Ian Shaw in The Ministry of Biscuits
Joanna Neary in The Ministry of Biscuits

With a top-notch cast including comedian Joanna Neary (BBC2’s ‘Ideal’) and Ian Shaw (‘The Shark is Broken’), Lord God promises a night of witty lyrics, toe-tapping tunes and thoughtful frivolity.

“A clever jolly romp with a satirical edge – unlike anything else around. Charmingly old fashioned, and courageous for being so. I enjoyed it immensely.” – Musical Theatre Review on The Ministry of Biscuits

“What an absolutely ripping wheeze…a top-hole musical comedy without a trace of Lloyd Webber anywhere…a highly entertaining, clever show, packed with neat one liners…a festival gem.” – The Stage on The Ministry of Biscuits

“A thoroughly satisfying and timeless tale…a wise and witty, full-bodied show… This fifty-one-year-old loved every minute, and his fifteen-year-old son loved it as well.” – FringeReview on The Ministry of Biscuits

Poster by Sarah McIntyre

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